Basic 4

Most of Basic 4 is a blur.  Bailey missed 3 lessons in the middle because she was sick and before I knew it, the session was over.  She started Jump Start at the beginning of this session, so she’s skating more often and preparing to compete in May.  I was absolutely shocked when she passed Basic 4!  She’s on to Basic 5, but the new Learn to Skate session doesn’t start until June.  For the next couple months, it’s just Jump Start classes.

I need to make an effort to take more (and better) photos and videos.  So far I’ve been just barely keeping up with a few terrible snapshots for each session.  I’ve spent the last few days going through all of my photos and videos and I’m surprised how few I have.  Light conditions are terrible in the rink and fast-moving subjects don’t help at all!

Backward C-Pushes and 3 Turns (with chatting in between, of course). This video was taken with my DSLR and it’s super large even at lower quality, which means it might freeze a lot. If it buffers forever, just wait for it to load all the way before playing.