Southport Summer Classic 2013: Video

Bailey had her first off-site competition last weekend. It was an interesting day… I’m still battling my inner stage mom, trying to just roll with things and not get too upset when things don’t make sense. I’m always hopelessly confused by this sport and how everything is handled. Figure skating moms don’t just show up for a game and watch — it’s a long (often spread over several days), confusing, nonsensical process for less than 3 minutes of actual skating time.

I hate to think of Bailey not having support at her competitions, but I’ve told the grandparents not to plan around these competitions. If they happen to be in the area, great… but I won’t ask them to drive hours for a competition again. They can drive the hours to come see a lesson where she actually skates for more than 1 1/2 minutes!

The quality of this video is really bad — we were seated way above the rink and far away. We do have a great professional video, but it’s protected by copyright so we can’t show it here. 🙂

This is a large video, so as usual, let it load and replay for best performance. 🙂