2016 UGL Regionals

It has taken me a while to write this post because this month has been SO crazy with regionals and Bailey participating at Skate America (lots of driving to Milwaukee and Madison this month).

We went to regionals! Well, Bailey did… and she let me tag along. Annnnnd it was really amazing! 🙂 It was so good for Bailey to be part of such a big competition. There were 18 in her qualifying round. Before regionals, the largest group she ever skated in was 7 skaters and even that is a large group. The average number of skaters tends to be 4-5.

Bailey placed 2nd in her qualifying round and 5th in the final round, which makes her the 5th best skater at her level in the region (well, compared to everyone who decided to enter anyway). Wow! She skated really well in the initial round with just one little bobble, but wasn’t quite as solid in the final round, resulting in a bit of a lower finish. Placing 5th at her first regionals when she didn’t even skate her best is so encouraging and really makes all the hard work she puts in worth it. It was an amazing “end” to her season (even though regionals is really the beginning of the season for the elite skaters).

The video is partially damaged, so there are several spots where it freezes. Since her current level wasn’t offered she had to move down a level for this competition. The program is a bit different than her usual program. She’s ready to move up to the next level for the coming season. 🙂

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